Discover Mudoca


Mudoca is a young Japanese brand with a strong identity.

Prints are colorful and festive.

Chosen fabrics are printed linen, embroidered cotton, and a mix of tencel and cotton.

The Japanese typically cuts: loose, comfortable, with attention to impeccables details in the finishes.

The extract of the collection presented by FanjaMag shop is inspired by a garden plants.


HARRYS Glass Workshop


The creator of the workshop is HARRYS Koto Tsuchiya.

In Japan, several words can mean the glass.

                                                                                           硝子, pronounced ‘glass’

瑠璃, pronounced ‘Luli’,

                                                                                                                                             et 玻璃, pronounced ‘hali’.

Koto Tsuchiya chose to retain the third and anglicized it to be more easily memorized.

Koto was formed in the glass work at the University of Creative Arts in Surrey, UK.

After then lived in the United States, she returned to Japan, and is now installed in Saitama.

Koto is inspired by nature and works the glass with lampwork.

Jewelry, pens, decorative objects, very pretty boxes with clean design …

… FanjaMag Shop is very proud to present a small sample of his work …

Dawn Sketch’s “Aqua Snow Collection”


Jewelry in Rhodium (Platinium family) with pendants made of borosilicate glass, containing oil and metal powder.

Jewels that shine and reflect light depending on movements.

Designed and created in Japan.

Timeless AC4IM


Simple clothes, beautiful, and comfy.


ac4im favors timeless cuts, fine materials and modernizes them with details and delicate prints.

Dresses with flattering lengths, designed with matching suits, bohemian details, invisible pockets …

Young brand already recognized by WGSN at showroom in Asia, FanjaMag shop is very proud to present an extract of her collection.



Ramiko’s creations


Ramiko Japanese label was created by the creative Hiroshiko Kitabayashi.

Graduated from Musashino Art University, she started her own brand in 2013 Ramiko.

Since 4 years, many Japanese prices have already praised her creativity and his very single universe:

– 2011 – Itami International Exhibition Artisanat

– 2012 – Rookie Award on JJA Jewellery Design Award

– 2012 –  Takaoka Artisanat Con Bae Award

– 2013 – MONSTER exhibition

Ramiko Collection is entirely handcrafted.

Earrings and silver necklaces, natural freshwater pearls, which you can marry depending of your imagination and your desires.

The Chic pearl, with a touch of humor and more…

FanjaMag Shop is very pleased to introduce, for the first time in France, these beautiful and original creations.


Tamaki Niime’s Banshu-Ori


Presented for the first time in France, the Japanese cotton creations of the workshop Tamaki Niime.


Tamaki Niime is a creative workshop of Banshu-Ori, located in Hyogo Prefecture.

Its founder gave her own name to the workshop.

She’s graduated from the Human Science Environmental Mukugawa Woman’s University, and studied at Esmod Japan.

Tamaki Niime presents a new interpretation of traditional Banshu-Ori,

while supporting their continued development in this area of Japan which they originate.

Each shawl is made of a cotton gaze of very high quality,

by a particular method of over 200 years, on very old looms.

Each weaving is performed and monitored individually and each drying realized under the sun.

Time and attention on each product are a guarantee of a single and beautiful result.

100% cotton gauze, and incredibly smooth …

Handcrafted Gold and Glass Jewelry “Sorte Glass”


Sorte Glass is a creative workshop, located in the Sasayama region (Hyogo Prefecture), and specializes in the work of the glass.

We are very pleased to present these little treasures …

… Delicate and poetic jewelry, handmade by Yuko and Sekino.

Sorte Glass Double photos Blog 2A

Each piece is unique, and for the first time introduced in France by FanjaMag.


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